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December 12, 2018

As this week reaches its halfway point, all of us at Blockforce Capital wanted to take a minute to reflect on what is going on in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. As we are sure you’re aware, there are so many sources of information and so much noise that it can be difficult to decide what is worth looking into. To save you from falling down the crypto rabbit hole, we are providing this newsletter to distill what we think are the most impactful stories and issues from the past week. Here’s what caught our attention. We promise to keep it short and sweet for you.


From Our Corner

Industry news

The biggest news is often told in 280 characters or less . . . let's take a look at Twitter.

Anthony Pompliano, Founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Capital, is taking a new spin on the famous Warren Buffet Wager. However, where Buffet bet against hedge funds, Morgan Creek is betting that its Digital Asset Index Fund will outperform the S&P 500. So far, no skeptics have come forward to take the other end of the bet although many have been called
out on Twitter (see Nouriel Roubini ).

This bill, which was passed with a margin of 13 "yays" to 1 quiet "nay" outlines the creation of a new financial institution called the Special Purpose Depository Bank, with its goal being to provide valuable services to blockchain innovators. This isn't the first blockchain friendly bill coming out of Wyoming.
Just this March, the state government voted to classify utility tokens
as a new asset class. .

Two United States congressmen introduced two separate bills with the goals of:

  • keeping price manipulation in check
  • position the US as a leader in innovation in digital assets

Appropriately named the Virtual Currency Consumer Protection Act of 2018 and the Regulatory Competitiveness Act of 2018 these two bills will hopefully provide regulation to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Worth a Click

ConSensys, a well known Ethereum development company, is set to lay off 13% of staff

  • The company is looking to make a wide pivot which is being accompanied by some restructuring

Chinese central bank came out with a particularly negative report on Security Tokens

  • The stance of the Central Bank is that without regulation, the overall financial stability of China could be affected

Coinbase lists tokens that they are eyeing to add to their exchange

  • 31 coins are listed as being "explored", and will be evaluated from a regulatory and technical standpoint

Nasdaq lays a short timeline to bitcoin futures

  • The second largest stock exchange plans to roll out futures in Q1 of 2019

An Oldie but a Goodie

This is a podcast from this past July and although a lot has happened since then this is still a great listen. The Epicenter team sat down with Binance founder and got to really pick his brain. 'CZ' shares a lot of what it took to get Binance from idea to reality. Now, Binance quickly became one of the largest exchange so getting to hear from the CEO in a long-form conversation is definitely worth the time.

BFC News

13 Degrees of Freedom, 10 Trillion Possibilities, and the Age of the Universe

In our second article on our Alpha Predator trading algorithm, our team breaks down how we utilize Bayesian Optimization to find an optimal solution. Thank goodness too because we would have had to go through 10 trillion possibilities ourselves in order to find our optimal strategy. To find out more, read the full article here For more background information check out our first article.

Rebel Update

The REBEL Index consists of:

  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Eos
  • litecoin

These six cryptocurrencies constitute a majority of the overall market share of tradable digital assets. It is our belief that an investment strategy based on a weighted proportion of these assets by market cap is a great way to capture overall market trends without being too overleveraged in one particular coin. While overall popular, these coins are still more volatile than your normal stock so we suggest diversification as shown through this index. To that end, this is the current makeup of the index and an overview of the REBEL coins market cap compared to the overall cryptocurrency market cap.

To find out more about the REBEL index, contact

Rebel makeup
Plot 7

Eight tips Every Cryptocurrency Investor must know

Dharma Wheel representing the eightfold path to enlightenment. In our case, it represents a finely tuned. investment strategy

Dharma Wheel representing the eightfold path to enlightenment. In our case, it represents a finely tuned. investment strategy

Our CEO, Eric Ervin, dropped some helpful investing tips over at While buying any asset can be nerve-racking and at times confusing, cryptocurrency is often seen as especially confusing. As the crypto bear market continues, now is a good time to sharpen ones investing mind and learn some fundamentals. In the article, which has reached 8,000 views in 2 days, Eric shares 8 helpful tips; one of which is included below.

5. Don't place all your crypto-coins in one basket
Just as financial advisors recommend taking positions in multiple types of stocks and other investments, diversification is also essential for any healthy cryptocurrency portfolio. read the whole article here

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