Blockforce Capital has built a premier team of Blockchain experts and industry leaders in the Digital Asset and Blockchain space. Our Blockchain Advisory Council provides strategic guidance enabling Blockforce to deliver innovative, high-quality products while advancing the adoption and growth of Blockchain and Digital Assets.


Erik Voorhees
CEO of ShapeShift AG

Erik founded ShapeShift AG in August 2014 as an elegant, secure, and fast solution to digital asset exchanges. He is among the top-recognized serial Bitcoin advocates and considers Bitcoin as one of the most important inventions ever created by humanity.

DR. Garrick Hileman
University of Cambridge, Co-Founder of Mosaic

Dr. Hileman is a Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge and a researcher at the Centre for Macroeconomics at the London School of Economics. Garrick is best known for his research on cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology.

Jeff Garzik
Co-Founder Bloq, Inc.

Jeff is a futurist, entrepreneur and software engineer. Jeff is co-founder and CEO of Bloq. Jeff serves on the board of Coin Center, and the advisory board of BitFury, BitPay,, Netki and WayPaver Labs technology.

Marco Santori
President of

Marco is the President and Chief Legal Officer of, and is a recognized authority in the law and policy of block chain technologies. He is an advisor to the International Monetary Fund, the Blockchain Ambassador to the State of Delaware, and was the Chairman of the Regulatory Affairs Committee of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Matthew Roszak
Founder of Tally Capital

Matthew is the founder of Tally Capital, a private investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain-enabled technology with a portfolio of over 20 investments. He is also the co-founder and chairman of Bloq.

Steve Beauregard
Founder of GoCoin

Founder and former CEO of leading blockchain payment processor GoCoin, Steve recently joined Bloq as Chief Revenue Officer to bring distributed blockchain financial products to large enterprise customers and government agencies worldwide.